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…and they say watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you

The weekend somehow always makes me feel better even though there are a gazillion things to do. Could be working from home with *L around or the extra hour or two to muck around with the Chlo-bear. One more week to go before we leave for Melbourne and everything is currently marching to a tune of its own. Thinking about it all is overbearing to say the least so I’m ticking through the list, slowly fairly quickly (!) but surely… that must be the only way to go! So grateful for the kind words and‘thinking about you’ funny, sweet ways that we’ve been showered with. People can really amaze you when you least expect it, and it truly is all kinds of wonderful when that happens. Spent an hour chasing Chloe around this morning and thought I’ll share some updated pics of this furry thing that brings such joy. Happy weekend x

Hello Friday + Weekend

The last few days have gone past in a whirl. Sure am looking forward to the weekend. The countdown to Miss M’s big day hits one week today and aptly we are throwing her an all-day party. Something along the lines of a spa treat, champagne, strawberries, macarons and more. That’s all I can say for now… what happens in the circle, stays in the circle you see. Whatever it is you have planned, wherever you are this weekend, have a really good one. Perhaps hop in the car for an impromptu road trip? x

Image via laceandtea.com